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Space Clearing and Blessing

Have you ever walked into a home or office space that feels heavy or low? And when you leave, you feel worn out and you have negative thoughts?

This can be caused by lingering energies from previous inhabitants or visitors, negative thoughts or illness, radiation, or undesirable thought forms that have been diverted to you. They are not necessarily harmful but can make the energy in the space different to what works best for you. A complete space clearing lifts blockages, removes negative energies and cuts unwanted connections while shielding the space for 960 days after. It also invites back love, happiness, prosperity and success.

Space clearings are perfect when you have just moved house, when you have gone through major changes in your life and even when you just feel you need an energy boost or you want to attract new things in your life. It is also great to enhance personal energy healings and very needed after an entity removal.

A space clearing takes place in the comfort of your own home or office, with or without you being present. A complete session takes 60-90 minutes, of course depending on the size of the space. For more information and to book, fill in the form below.

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