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Past Life Regressions

Have you ever had any memories or dreams which seemed so real but you are sure have not occurred in your present life? Do you have recurring thoughts, actions, anxieties or energy blocks that you would like to investigate closer, see where they originate from? Are you wondering why a certain situation keeps happening to you, or why certain type of people keep popping up in your life? Do you want to know more about your Soul Purpose?

A regression into your past or past life, and even into your future, is a good way to find out the origins of certain obstructing thoughts, intentions, situations or characteristics, and free them up to regain ‘flow’ in your life. My way of working is without any form of hypnosis, and allows you to be a conscious part of the process. It’s an insightful and great way of getting to know yourself and your life lessons!

Sessions usually take 60-90 minutes and can be scheduled here.

A next logical step after a regression is an energy healing or continuing with my recorded meditation videos or personalised guided meditations.