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Guided Meditation

Your subconscious and the energies around you have much to tell you, if we only listen. Sitting still in meditation is a good practice and will open you up to insights and messages. But where do you start? What are the right questions to ask? Who is there to speak to?

My guided meditations answer the above questions as well as provide specific insights into the themes in your life, such as work, relationships and trusting your own intuition. Not by sitting alone in stillness, but by me guiding you through the process. This type of meditation is beneficial for both beginners as well as the more experienced, alone or in a group setting.

I also use guided meditation and visualisations for Inner Child work, to meet your Spirit Guide/Animal, to strengthen your Inner Light and to Cut Energy Cords. I also conduct my past life regressions through deep trance meditation. People that have done my guided meditations often come back for a tarot card reading or continue on their own with my meditation videos.

Sessions usually take around an hour.

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