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Energy Cleanse/Entity Removal

Do you feel you are subject of someone sending you excessive negative thoughts? Are you sensing an attachment that doesn’t belong to you? Do you feel there is something influencing your thoughts (in a negative way)? Or have you gone through extremely traumatic experiences in your past? You might need an entity/energy removal session.

You might have fallen subject to carrying or growing an ‘entity’ that is draining your energy and positivity. Negative thought-forms, spiritual parasites, evil-eye, psychic attacks and otherworldly entity attachments; all astral wildlife connections that can be cleared through an entity removal session.

We start a clearing by raising your vibration (energy level). Then I detach the disturbing energy and guide it to the light. After the removal, we will recharge you with positivity and strength.

Depending on the size and quantity of the attachments, sessions take half an hour or longer. They are a part of a Energy Healing session and can be booked as such.