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Energy Healing

Are you suffering from symptoms like heartache, heavy feelings or a foggy brain? Have you been feeling lethargic, and have things in your life been moving slowly? Or do you have emotions and situations that no matter how much you try to work through them, they keep coming back? Energy healing can help you with all of these problems and more.

I remove emotions and energies that do not serve you, allowing for your energy to return its free-flowing state. I subsequently bring lost energies back to you. Apart from benefits on a soul level, my energy healing sessions also support your body in physically healing itself.

The Energy Healings I conduct are according to Shamanic Healing Practice. Learn more about it here.

Sessions take around an hour and can be reserved here.

A next step after a healing can be a space clearing to heal the energy of a house of office, or a past life regression to understand where energy and patterns have come from.