Spiritual Coaching, The Hows and Whys

“What do you do as a Spiritual Coach?” It is a question that comes up often when I tell people what I do for a living. It is not a common profession, especially in Dubai. I tell these people that a spiritual coach helps you to understand yourself better, by using a holistic, intuitive approach. […]

How to … Handle Difficult Colleagues

In the previous blog I briefly touched on the subject of handling people you don’t always get along with. Because sometimes, when you are both busy and stressed, fuses become shorter, moods become worse and frustration gets expressed instantly. And trust me, even meditation gurus experience this. So… what to do?

Best Tips How to Unwind

Thursday afternoon, 5:26. The emails in your mailbox have been piling up all week, and of all of the intentions you set, only half were met. The weekend is right around the corner; but how do ensure that you leave your worries about a customer you wanted to call, research data you wanted to compile or an email you were meant to write behind in the office where they belong, and not in the back of your mind?

How to Working with Crystals

Apart from looking pretty, I love having crystals around for the beautiful healing energy they emanate. But how to choose your precious stones? How to use them? And how can you upkeep crystals? In this blog I tell you which crystals work for me & what I do to take care of them.

How I am making human lives better?

My friend and photographer Ankit recently challenged me to write a blog about “how I am making human lives better”. A tad bit ambitious, but on the other hand, don’t we all make human lives a little bit better? Smiling at a stranger; letting someone ahead in line; giving up your seat in the metro (or in my case: if I don’t have a seat to offer for elderly, I ask others to get up); all good examples of small things to do for others.

Bringing Spirituality to Events

Back in the Netherlands it is not uncommon, having a spiritual reader at events. I have heard about aura photography at student-parties, psychic readings at burlesque fests, card readers at festivals, you name it! We even have events, exhibitions and gatherings especially for spiritually-minded people.

Space Clearing and the Flow of Energy

Earlier this month I did a session at Illuminations with a lovely lady who had fallen in her apartment and had been experiencing stress and insecurities ever since. We cleared her energy, cut her cords and set a protective bubble around her so she could let go of her phobias. Afterwards she indicated she felt […]

Just Another Day in the Office – A Special Meeting

Since I started working at Illuminations in Dubai I have had all sorts of clients: male, female; at the start of their journey or right in the middle; more and less experience with the spiritual world; more and less knowledgeable; from all parts of the world. Each client is special in their own way! But […]

The Power of Meditation

Recently I had a client come in who wanted to know more about meditation. After a long explanation on what meditation is and what the benefits are, I got asked the question if I could provide him with a good story for his friends back home. And with that, he meant, if I could move […]