What Is Your Spiritual Talent?

During my years of spiritual practice I have learned that everyone has a spiritual talent. And it doesn’t have to be something you have been aware of your whole life already, like Haley Joel ‘I-see-dead-people’ Osmond in The Sixth Sense. But this is something you naturally possess and can develop further quite easily. Usually people have one more prevalent gift but they also have one or two lesser talents. A very strong gift often gets passed down generations as well.

Talents can be further developed through training, and sometimes while doing so more talents get activated too. Usually they then work together very nicely.

The five categories that I have distinguished over the years are as follows:

1. Communication
A communication skill manifests itself through spoken words, like channelling and psychometry (receiving information about objects), clairaudience (clear hearing) or can work through telepathy (mind-reading) and empathy (clairsentience).

2. Healing
The gift of energy healing can assist people to feel better physically, emotionally or mentally. Land healing is also part of this category: blessing the land and removing influences from ley lines and radiation for example.

3. Physical Manifestation
Some people have the talent to materially manifest things from energy, like pyrokinesis (starting fire with their energy) and telekinesis (moving objects). If that is your talent, come show it off in my intuitive development class please!

4. Sight
These gifts are more common than the previous category, and include precognition (foreseeing), clairvoyance, energy sight (seeing auras), remote viewing and dreams among others.

5. Miscellaneous
Under the misc category fall mediumship (spirit communication), claircognizance (clear knowing), tapping (eft), working with a pendulum and flukes (random ‘chance’ happenings).

So from the above, what is your number one talent?

If you need a hand to see where your spiritual gifts lie, I organise a workshop called ‘What is Your Spiritual Talent’, where we practice some of the above talents to see which comes most natural to you (albeit not pyrokinesis!).

If you would like to join, message me on +971563921178 or email info@kyravdberg.nl.

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