The Power of Meditation

Recently I had a client come in who wanted to know more about meditation. After a long explanation on what meditation is and what the benefits are, I got asked the question if I could provide him with a good story for his friends back home. And with that, he meant, if I could move a glass across the table…

Of course this isn’t what meditation is about. Yes, I believe it is possible, after long training and in the right trance state, for physical mediumship to allow for objects to be moved around. But my focus in meditating is on receiving messages from within yourself, your intuition or soul so to speak.

I myself do not use meditation to completely sit in stillness and quiet my mind of any thoughts. Rather when I meditate, I allow my brain to ‘flow’. After a relaxing exercise such as a body scan, I ask my spiritual guidance to take me to my higher consciousness and to assist me in my intuitive exploration. I then focus on any issue that I am currently facing and I see which thoughts pop up. I receive the answers I need in my particular situation, as well as next steps to take to resolve any issues that I am facing.

And the good thing about this is: everyone can do it! You could proceed by sitting in peace and quiet, and if you succeed: great! But if you are finding this difficult, try using music (I personally love mantras from Deva Premal) or Google specific guided meditations. Of course you can also contact the nearest spiritual centre for help, or get in touch with me (:

I wish you lots of beautiful insights!

Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah