Tarot: The What, Why and How

Recently I have been getting a few clients that have never received a reading before. I love the newbies, as they are still so open to receiving what the divine wants to relay to them, without expectations. Sometimes they are a little nervous as they are not sure what to expect. In this blog I will talk a little bit about the background of the cards, how I use them and of course why!

The Tarot is a set of playing cards, used to uncover messages from the subconscious mind as well as for divination. The deck I use, the Rider Waite, was first published in the 1910. They were designed by Pamela Coleman Smith, as per the instructions of mystic Arthur Edward Waite.

I love this deck because of the extensive symbolism that is portrayed. Some people prefer more ‘airy-fairy’ decks, that avoid cards like ‘Death’ and ‘The Devil’ but I like the honesty of this deck. It is straight-forward, much like myself 😉

As I mentioned, the cards to help uncover the subconscious, things that you might not have thought about but that you know on a gut level. A reading also helps see the bigger pictures of your situation, and how to best move forward. It gives clarity and a positive nudge towards a brighter, more positive future.

I generally use the Celtic Cross as my go-to spread, it is one of the most popular spreads and gives a good overview of what is going on in your life and why. But other, more in-depth spreads I use are year-spreads, spreads on ‘what to break free from & how’, love spreads or spreads on ‘how to step into your power’, to name a few.

I have been working with the Tarot since 2001, now combining my knowledge of the meaning of the cards with the psychic abilities I developed to give my clients the best reading possible. Last year I also created a Level 1 and Level 2 workshop to Become A Tarot Reader, which I really love teaching. I also host Tarot Practice evenings, for those that want to do readings for themselves and for others, with my guidance. All to spread the Tarot love!

If you have any more questions about the Tarot after reading this blog, or you would like a reading, feel free to reach out to me.

Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah