Spiritual Coaching, The Hows and Whys

What do you do as a Spiritual Coach?

It is a question that comes up often when I tell people what I do for a living. It is not a common profession, especially in Dubai.

I tell these people that a spiritual coach helps you to understand yourself better, by using a holistic, intuitive approach. “Through my effective energy sessions my clients get more clarity on navigating their life path, together we work towards feeling emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually stronger.” I have said that in the past.

In sessions we travel to the subconscious mind to uncover the positive actions needed towards your goals and dreams, and we remove any energy blocks that stand in the way of your success and abundance. Examples of these blocks can be traumas, stuck emotions and astral wildlife that has attached itself to you. By removing the blocks, space will be freed up for your own inner light and power, as well as for renewed ‘flow’ in your life.


The next question I usually get is: “So when do you need a Spiritual Coach?

Generally a spiritual coach will assist you in finding out the root causes of your problems, the ‘why’ of the issues you are facing. Together you strip away the limitations from your soul.

Below are 9 practical situations you can find yourself in, where a Spiritual Coach can assist.

  1. When you feel stuck in your life and you are not sure how to move forward
  2. When you have alot of negative thoughts and you don’t know how to be more positive
  3. When you want to break a cycle of recurring life experiences
  4. When you wish to learn more about how to love yourself
  5. When you would like to grow spiritually and understand how to tune into your intuition
  6. When you are looking for encouragement, inspiration and motivation in your life
  7. When you have experienced traumatic or tough situations that you wish to heal
  8. When you are internally being pushed towards self-discovery
  9. When you are ready to step into long-lasting stability and happiness!

Note: this process is not an easy one! It takes a lot of dedication. And a spiritual coach that you really connect with. One that leaves you energised after a session, and motivated to do the hard work that comes with this exciting journey.

Different coaches will use different modalities for coaching and healing. Pick one that gives you a positive feeling, one that you know you can open yourself up to fully. You want everything to resonate with your energy completely,  to vibrate on all levels of your being. To consciously and unconsciously clear limiting beliefs and to activate your higher vibrations.

But once you are committed, and with the right Spiritual Coach, you can work miracles.

Welcome to the new and enhanced you!

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Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah