Space Clearing and the Flow of Energy

Earlier this month I did a session at Illuminations with a lovely lady who had fallen in her apartment and had been experiencing stress and insecurities ever since. We cleared her energy, cut her cords and set a protective bubble around her so she could let go of her phobias. Afterwards she indicated she felt lighter but still was afraid to fall in the house again. I advised her to get a Space Clearing done. We agreed that I would come over the next week.

A Space Clearing usually takes around an hour, in which I clear all negative energy and thought forms, lift blockages which keep happy and prosperous energy from flowing, send all energy beings in a house/office to the light, cut unwanted connections to free up the energy, protect from evil eye and psychic attacks, remove radiations and sick energy to allow in the love and light, balance the four elements to allow in healing energies and I set a protective shield around the space that lasts for 960 days.

In this particular case there was a lot of energy that I healed, I sent a couple of energy entities to the light and lifted the blockages in the house. But there was one thing that I noticed in particular regarding this place. Lots of clutter!

Objects in rooms also take up energy and clutter forms energy blocks. These blocks prevent the energy to flow in a space and therefore cause disturbances and stagnancy in life. In a Space Clearing I clean the energy of the objects, to allow them to take up love and light, but there is only so much you can do in case of clutter. I advised the client to do a thorough clean of her place, getting rid of what she didn’t need any more and properly storing what she wanted to keep. I also gave her some extra lavender incense to burn after the clean, to cleanse the energy that she set free by cleaning up.

So if you ever wonder about why things do not seem to work out in your life: start at the base and investigate if there is something you can do in your house or office to boost the energy flow.

Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah