What is Shamanism and Shamanic Healing

For over four years I studied Shamanism and Shamanic Healing through weekly development classes. It really resonates with me, the way the practice works on a deep soul and energy level. I have found that Shamanic Healing is still a little unknown in Dubai. In this blog I describe the Healings that I do and why.

Most people that come and see me struggle with a feeling of being stuck. Other ways of feeling can be ‘not like themselves’, burdened or lost.

One of the main aspects of Shamanic Healing is something called a Soul Retrieval. This practice is based on the fact that everyone throughout our lives go through things traumatic, incidents that cause us pain. These experiences cause our energy to fragment and disperse. The soul fragment flees for safety, and ends up stuck, trapped in that moment of trauma. This is what we call psychological dissociation. Now in that moment this reaction is not a bad one, it is a coping mechanism of the Soul. Having said that, in the long run it is good to recover the energy fragments, and reunite them with you. Reintegrate the lost part/emotion back in the conscious here and now. And this is what a Soul Retrieval is all about: restoring that wholeness.

What Brings About Soul Loss?

These are a few examples of things that can cause Soul Loss:

  • Abuse In Any Shape or Form
  • Heartbreak
  • Rejection or Abandonment, Not Feeling ‘Seen’
  • Accidents
  • Someone Taking Your Personal Power Away/Forcing You to Do Something You Don’t Want To

In my experience so far, most trauma stems from childhood. These can be things that you have forgotten consciously, but are still playing a big role subconsciously.

Why Do A Soul Retrieval?

We do this practice to restore your so-called life force energy (better known as Chi). Typically a Soul Retrieval session increases your emotional strength and resilience, invites more positivity and optimism in your life, and makes you feel more balanced overall. Some people describe it as “an expansion of their energy”, others as “feeling much lighter” or “more alive”. Other results can be feeling more grounded, an ease in things appearing in your life (manifestation), improved physical wellbeing, and better sleeping patterns.

How Does It Work?

A shamanic practitioner like myself will travel, together with Spirit Helpers, through the spiritual realms to find the lost fragments. When encountered, they are returned back to you and reintegrated into your energy field.
I personally combine the Soul Retrievals with a Shamanic Cleanse (clearing your auric field), and Psychic Healing (removing emotional blocks). All in all, a session takes around one hour. Results can already be felt in one session, but bigger traumas sometimes need a few sessions for the full healing process to be completed.

If you feel called to do a Shamanic Healing, or you if would like more information, feel free to reach out.

Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah