Information on New Moon Rituals

The new moon traditionally stands for new beginnings, and this dark phase of the moon (on the day of, day before and day after) is a great time to make a leap into the unknown. Here I will describe five things to do during the new moon, to get the most out of its energy.

1. Write Down Your Wishes
New moon has great manifestation energy, so everything that you wish for is best asked for during this time. Connect with your heart (with intention), and write a letter to the Universe requesting your desires to appear to come into your life in the Highest and Best way. Be as specific about what it is that you want as possible.
When you finish writing, visualise sending the letter into the Universe, put it away somewhere safe and wait for things to come to you!

2. Do A Little Ritual
Honour the energy of the new by doing a ritual to invite in the new. Take a candle, preferably an orange, brown or gold one. While holding it, say a little prayer thanking the blessings that will be coming the next 30 days. Then light the candle and let it fully burn in a safe place.

3. Start Something New
Whether it is a new hobby, a new habit, a new diet or a new relationship, the energy surrounding the new moon is perfect to begin something different. Whatever you start now, will be substantially easier to stick to. No need for strict discipline, it will flow!

4. Empower Yourself
Build your positive energy by doing something that empowers you, such as exercise, meditate, dance, or receive a (self-)massage. It will charge you for the month to come. Also ask the Universe for the energies that have been taken away from you in the last 30 days to be returned to you.

5. Enjoy A Cup Of Tea
Some plants are especially potent during the new moon. Drink a cup of dandelion tea to achieve your wishes or goals, ginger to increase your personal power, or peppermint to boost your mental capacity.


The above are my rituals, but perhaps there are other things that you do during the new moon? I would love to hear about them below!

Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah