Just Another Day in the Office – A Special Meeting

Since I started working at Illuminations in Dubai I have had all sorts of clients: male, female; at the start of their journey or right in the middle; more and less experience with the spiritual world; more and less knowledgeable; from all parts of the world. Each client is special in their own way! But yesterday I had a client that gave me a special surprise at the end of the session.

The tarot card reading started in the usual way: I asked if the client had experience with the cards and if there were any particular questions she would like to focus on in this session. We continued talking about the challenges currently in her life and we discussed possible actions to take in the nearby future. As the cards were turned around, she would exchange some smiles with the friend that she brought (this is something I don’t mind, plus it will help the client remember more after the session), which I couldn’t necessarily place at the time. When time was up, she wanted to take a picture with me (this is a little more unusual 🙂 ) and I asked her for feedback on the session (always keep improving!). She told me she had something to confess…

I am also a psychic reader” she said.

That’s great!” was my reply, “Where do you work?

Well, actually, I am a celebrity psychic in my home country, the Philippines! I have my own TV programme and I quite well-known. When I came in, I really did my best to hide myself from the ladies at reception because I did not want them to recognise me…

Wow, apparently it worked because I had no idea! That is so cool! So as a professional, what did you think about my reading?!

Everything you told me is correct. Where did you learn and develop your talent? I think you are great at what you do! I receive a lot of requests for Skype readings from Filipinos in Dubai, yet I only do face-to-face sessions. Now I know I can refer these people to this centre!

Needless to say, I was floating on cloud nine the rest of the day…

Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah