How I am making human lives better?

My friend and photographer Ankit recently challenged me to write a blog about “how I am making human lives better”. A tad bit ambitious, but on the other hand, don’t we all make human lives a little bit better? Smiling at a stranger; letting someone ahead in line; giving up your seat in the metro (or in my case: if I don’t have a seat to offer for elderly, I ask others to get up); all good examples of small things to do for others.

Small but maybe not so obvious things I do: I sing mantra’s when I walk around Dubai, blessing everyone in the area; we give things we no longer need to an organisation called Wasted, amazing people who upcycle household items and give them away (check them out!); I meditate to bless the earth, whom is shaking things up so much lately; I send positive heart energy to friends going through hard times, helping them heal their situations. And I tell my friends, when they ask how they can ever repay me, to pay it forward to someone they know whom is experiences difficulties.

Apart from these fairly easy things I do myself, I also teach people about love, energy and living a healthy, spiritual life. I do that in one-on-one consultations, but also in the Circle Sessions, every Thursday (advanced) and Friday (beginners) evening. Together we heal situations, get understanding on why things happen in a certain way, tune in with the light and learn how to live in flow.

To be honest, it is my favourite aspect of the job: guide all these different individuals into the direction of a more meaningful and loving life, teaching about forgiveness, empathy and compassion, and then seeing how they interact with each other, wanting to help where they can, wishing what is best for everyone else.

I hope this is how I make human lives better, one soul at a time.

P.S. I have recently recorded a meditation called the Bodyscan. You can listen to it here.

Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah