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The full moon traditionally stands for endings, and this phase of the moon (on the day of, day before and day after) is a great time to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. Here I will describe six things to do during the full moon, to get the most out of its energy.

1. Say a Prayer To Let Go
The full moon has a great energy of transformation, so everything that you do not want anymore is best asked to be released during this time. Connect with your heart (just with your intention), and request from the Universe for what is not right for you to be removed in the Highest and Best way

2. Do A Little Ritual
Honour the energy of endings by doing a ritual to release the old. Take a candle, preferably a black, gray or white colour. While holding it, connect it to the things that you wish to let go of in the next 15 days. Then light the candle and let it fully burn in a safe place. You can also write the things to let go of on a piece of paper and burn it with the fire of the same candle.

3. Visualise A Cord Cutting
Cord Cutting practice is a great way to find out what you need to free yourself from, and to then release the energy into the light. A meditation is the easiest way to do so. On the Downloads page you can find a guided Cord Cutting Meditation to help you get started with the process.

4. Cleanse Your Aura And Space
Transform negative energy by cleansing your aura and home. Burn Sage, Palo Santo, Bay Leaves or Frankincense on a charcoal and walk around your living areas while reciting a prayer or requesting the Universe to cleanse the space. Don’t forget to slightly open a window so that the old energy can leave!

5. Charge Your Crystals
The full moon is perfect to recharge your crystals. With intention, cleanse them as described at #4 and then leave them out in your garden or on your balcony overnight. More information on this process can be found in an earlier blog on Crystals.

6. Rest!

The energy during a full moon can sometimes be overwhelming, and getting a good night’s sleep can sometimes be a challenge during this time with intense frequencies. Make sure that you rest enough, do things that calm you down when you feel worked up, and to take deep breaths when challenged. This too shall pass!


The above are my rituals, but perhaps there are other things that you do during the full moon? I would love to hear about them below!