Corona Virus and How To Manage Heavy Energy

I would like to check in with you before I start: how are you doing- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

A few weeks ago, around the full moon, I was struggling a lot with the heavy energies that were going around in Dubai. I was feeling depressed, I couldn’t focus well, I was tired and I felt very emotional overall. It took me a couple of days (and some help from my teacher) to find out that it wasn’t anything that was going on with me, but that the collective energy was just very dark and heavy. In this blog I will share a few of the things I did to overcome this situation.

With the Corona-virus spreading like wildfire, I can see the shadow-sides pop up all around me. A few ‘symptoms’ I have been seeing, are:

  1. I have noticed some people are becoming increasingly fearful and judgemental: I see so many people become so aggressive and xenophobic (not just to people of Asian origin, also to their neighbours!) on Facebook, that I can almost understand how my grandparents might have felt growing up pre-WWII.
  2. I have seen the opposite too: people that are becoming overly optimistic and so sure that this is all a shift in energy. Or that Mother Earth fighting back. The trouble I see with this is that they are giving all of their responsibility away. Thinking they are seeing ‘the bigger picture’, they are really avoiding all critical thinking.
  3. I have also spoken to people who are feeling stuck: becoming very insecure, doubting what they are doing, lethargic, feeling excessively lonely, and struggling with their thoughts and their emotions, unable to see them as something that will pass.
  4. And finally , I have observed the rebels: those that think they are invincible and that it is all not such a big deal. This attitude can be fine, as long as no reckless behaviour is being shown. Here in Dubai I see less of this behaviour, in the Netherlands I hear this is more of an issue.

I’m not saying one or the other is better or worse, but it is good to observe what is happening within ourselves in this time of crisis. And pull the brakes if we do find ourselves experiencing overpowering thoughts or emotions.

So what helped me get out of the above mentioned overwhelm?

Meditation, of course. Calming your mind, working your breath, quieting your emotions. And then, if you are open enough, ask for and receive answers on what is doing on, and what you do need to focus on.
On the Downloads page you can also find a few meditations that I recorded.

– Take a break from all of the negative news, or even better, create positive feeds on your timeline. Some of you might have seen that on my personal page I started an alphabet (a letter a day) for our favourite songs. I have been enjoying it so much, I have been going through all of my playlists plus YouTube to find the perfect songs to post, enjoying all memories that come with all of the options.

– For me it helped to do a session with my teacher. He gave me such an energy boost, that I was catapulted back into my personal strength and balance. Seeing someone that can help you (even if it is online), can work wonders.

– I have seen that some people have been very productive, creating content left, right and centre. Amazing, well done! I have to admit though, I have been chilling very much myself. Some would even call it lazy 😉 Up until mid-March I have been super busy, and I am now enjoying this free time to sleep, watch Netflix, pet my cat, eat chocolate, and catch up with people. If you are like me: don’t judge yourself for resting! Soon enough we will need to get back to business, better to be really ready for it.

– Finally, a little exercise also goes a long way. I am kick-starting my day with a 7-minute workout. This probably won’t be enough to work off the above mentioned chocolate, but does make me feel good about myself. And that is exactly the energy that I want to carry into my day.

– Lastly, if you are currently locked up with others (as I am not), make sure you also schedule in some alone time to ensure you don’t start behaving from emotion. A longer shower (or even a bath!), a call with a good friend where you can vent, doing the dishes while singing along to a great song or climbing a few stairs in your building are all still things that we can do in a couple of minutes without it being something you really need to ‘take time out of your day for’.

I hope the above helps you like it helped me! I would love to hear about it… And of course also feel free to reach out if you are struggling and you need more advice. Take good care of yourself, and each other!

Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah