9 Ways to Honour Your Ancestors

When I write this Halloween (Samhain) is around the corner. I love this time of year, when the veil between the two worlds (earthly and spirit) is thinnest. Everything just feels tingly to me! I especially like to take this time to connect with my ancestors, both spiritual as well as blood-relatives, and others who made a difference in my life but are now no longer living (in my case George Michael). If you’d like to join me in this practice, I will give you a few ways to do so below.

1. Speak About Them
Remember good moments with your ancestors with your family and friends. And while doing so, speak their name often. It is believed that when we say their names, they can hear us in the spirit realm. Thus bringing us closer together!

2. Dedicate Positive Actions to Them
Good deeds and generosity always creates good karma, and makes the world a little better for all of us. And this doesn’t just apply for the living, but also for those in spirit. If you feel any of your ancestors might still not be at peace, consciously donating on their behalf will help them clear their energy. Try to choose something that fits that person too, whether it is something to counterbalance something they suffered from (an illness or even for example being racist) or something they cared about (animals, children in need). Make sure to set the intention that the good energy connected to the donation goes directly to the particular ancestor.

3. Meditate To Connect
As we connect with Spiritual Guides, we can also reach out to meet our ancestors in a visualisation. Invite them in with intention, listen to their guidance and ask them for advice if you like. Visit the Spirit Guides meditation if you need any help.

4. Visit Meaningful Places
If you are able to go see places where your ancestors used to live, where you spent time together (think park, zoo, beach etc), or their graves, you can sit and enjoy the energy and memories right then and there. But even when you are away from your home country like most of us are in Dubai, you can still visit the places that would remind you of your family (park, zoo, beach etc!) and invite in the same energy and memories. For example, I once spent a whole day taking my friend’s father (deceased) on a tour of the city. The vision I had of him riding the metro by sitting on top still makes me giggle!

5. Set Up an Altar
Make copies of the favourite pictures of your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents (whether in spirit or not), and any others that have crossed over to the other side and place them on a small box/cabinet/table. Give a small offering of food or something sugary on a daily basis and thank those in spirit for their assistance to you in your life.

6. Light a Candle
If you have an altar, you can place your candle on it, but if you don’t you can burn a candle on its own as well. Before you light it, hold your candle (ideally white) and say a little prayer/wish for those who have passed. Another lovely ceremony you can do for someone who recently passed away, is light the candle with the intention that it will help them find their way to the light.

7. Wear a Family Heirloom
Perhaps you own something that used to belong to a family member who has left the earthly plane? A watch, a ring, a scarf… Wear it with the intention to have them close, and they will be!

8. Invite Them to a Meal
When you can, for example during Thanksgiving, dedicate a plate of food to your ancestors and invite them to be with you while you eat. Have your food in silence, and see if you receive any communication from those in spirit during your meal.

9. Ask for Signs
Ever since I told my mother about requesting signs, she has been receiving loads of them from her father, especially through music on the radio. It always feels super special when it happens! So ask your deceased loved ones to show you they are still around. They can be songs, but also lights flickering, books falling open on a particular page, repetitive numbers (11.11 is a famous one), or a sudden drop in temperature in your room. Nothing to be afraid of, just those on the other side saying: “Don’t worry, we are still around!”

Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah