9 Myths About Past Life Regressions (PLR) Debunked

Past lives… For most people they spark curiosity and nervousness at the same time. “How will I know that what I see is real?”, but also: “what if I remember something scary? Or even worse, what if I don’t see anything at all?” In this blog I debunk some of the Past Life Regression myths.

1. I am encountering so many problems, they must all be from a past life!
Most problems actually have their origin in our own past, in this life. Traumas that we went through as a child (dropping an ice-cream!) and as an adult (heartbreak, losing someone close etc.) generally get more in the way. Having said that, I had a fear of swimming in the ocean that I only understood after regressing back to a lifetime where I was an Indonesian fisherman and I drowned. I got my PADI diving license not long after that.

2. I will remember everything there is about my past lives
When we start a regression, we set an intention for the session. Most times when traveling back, we will remember the past situations that are of importance to us right now. However, sometimes these memories will not pop up as easily as those from our current life. We might just witness shreds of images here and there, or merely feel the emotions. That’s ok! Sometimes it needs a little more practice, and sometimes just the flashes you do get will tell us the right story.

3. I need a clear intention before I travel back to a past life
Yes, generally having an understanding of what you wish to understand is a good way to go. But sometimes our Higher Self would know better than we do in our minds, so giving the reigns to your superconscious is not a bad idea. You will be led to what your soul knows is currently best for you to understand and heal. I never knew that I would be taken to the fisherman’s lifetime, I was just practicing the regressions for my Intuitive Development group when I got taken there! But right before my trip to Indonesia it made so much sense.

4. I can ensure that I won’t go back to a traumatic event
Now this is a tricky one. We always set an intention for nothing too traumatic and severe to be shown to you, but sometimes your Higher Self disagrees. Recently I did a group regression and one young lady found herself struggling with Second World War memories. Now this was very painful for her, and she needed to cut the regression short. We both agreed though that this situation needed to be understood at this particular point in her life, so she could heal and progress. In my experience, only the things that you can emotionally handle will come up in the PLR sessions.

5. I just have past lives on planet Earth
It doesn’t happen very often, but there have been a few cases in my experiences that the regression takes you back to a life on another planet/in another solar system. No need to doubt yourself when this happens and your memory doesn’t make logical sense, just remember it is all about the lessons in that lifetime and the intentions you set for your future lives.
I have also guided a couple of sessions where we travelled back to Atlantis and one where the person was there but not in human form. The lesson was still the same though: she said an intention never to be super wealthy again because it only gave her troubles. Guess what the theme was she came to see me for…

6. I should only go backwards in time during a regression
Again, it doesn’t happen very often but sometimes we do get taken forward in time in a session too. This might mean it is more important to see the consequences of your actions as opposed to what got you here. But at the same time it can show you what is needed for you to accomplish in this lifetime so you can work on that. I have seen glimpses of a next life- the planet I was on looked quite barren and there definitely wasn’t any Diet Dr. Pepper… Made me realise how blessed I am in this lifetime for real!

7. I have been an animal in a past life
Technically that is possible, but we know you will have had quite a few human lives already and it would be more beneficial to focus on those. Having said that, it is possible that in a regression you run into an animal or pet that has been present in this lifetime too! I should do one of those and see where I met Amira before… 😉

8. I have been a celebrity in a past life
Again, technically possible… But I have yet to encounter someone who really was. It is more plausible that you were someone close to a celebrity, and I have guided a couple of those sessions in my practice.

9. I keep sharing my lifetimes with my complete Soul Tribe
While we might run into Soulmates, Twin Flames and Divine Life Partners (keep an eye out for them in a regression!), it doesn’t mean that all of your tribe incarnates physically with you every time. It could be that some stay behind to guide you spiritually, or that you choose to go through different spiritual experiences at the same time. Heck, some people even believe time doesn’t even exist! But I guess that’s a blog for another day…

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Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah