6 Advantages of Developing Your Intuition

Intuition: “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning” says the Oxford Dictionary. A gut feeling, a hunch, the sixth sense, a premonition… Most of you will have had this in your lives. Can you develop an intuitive state of being? Absolutely! And why should you? Read on!

1. Easier Decision-making
Most people think of using their intuition in making (important) decisions. How does one option feel, and how does the other? We tend to sway towards the option that feels best, even if sometimes it doesn’t make logical sense. The stronger our intuition becomes, the easier making decisions that are right for you will become.

2. Increased Flow In Your Life
When you are able to connect to your intuition, recognise the signs your Higher Self gives you, and use your instincts for decision making, life moves much more smoothly. New things manifest with greater ease, and worries & anxiety become less. Which subsequently leads to a more fulfilled feeling, as well as more happiness and gratitude!

3. Heightened Understanding of Inner World
When connecting to your hunches, you develop a better understanding of who you are and what is right for you. For example, some places will intuitively make me want to stay away (Barasti, anyone?) because my sixth sense tells me it isn’t the place for me to visit. I know that if I do, I will feel drained and dispirited. I would rather take a walk in nature, where I intuitively know I get recharged!

4. A Strong Meditation Game
The more you develop your intuition, the clearer the messages in meditation become. It will be easier to get into a deep trance state, where you can receive visuals, answers, insights and advice from your Higher Self.

5. Better Relationships
With increased instincts you will be able to deepen your relationships with other people too. Sensing what is happening with others on an energy and on a subconscious level, increases compassion and empathy. Plus your developed intuition can help them makes decisions and navigate their lives with less effort.

6. More Like-Minded People
And finally, a great advantage of developing your intuition in a group setting: you meet people that are on the same wave-length! I made friends for life in my development group, they are the beautiful souls that I know I can always count on whenever I need them.

Are you ready to increase your intuition? Join Spiritual Development workshops or Intuitive & Psychic Development Circles in your area. Let your gut guide you…

Seek to be Whole, Not Perfect

- Oprah