Finding Your Way in Life
Sometimes Needs
A Little Spiritual Direction

Kyra van den Berg is a Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer

Finding Your Way in Life
Sometimes Needs
A Little Spiritual Direction

Kyra van den Berg is a Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer


Embark on a Journey of Healing

Do you feel you are at a crossroads, and could use a little clarity on what steps to take next? Or have your emotions been feeling heavy, and you would like to bring more lightness and balance into your life? I have supported over 2000 people, from all over the world, to become improved versions of themselves.

How can I help you?

I offer spiritual assistance in the form of energy and space clearings, healing, meditation, tarot readings and past life regressions. Sessions leave people feeling reinvigorated, strong, successful and enthusiastic about their lives. I work with people who want to redirect their energy to positivity, and who want to bring back their natural state of flow.

An True Healer sparks within You, the Power to Heal Yourself.


Step Into Your Power

A process like this? It should be exciting! And that is exactly what I stand for: growth, in a positive, exciting way. With a little bit of the Dutch candor we are known for. Would you like an honest chat about your next steps in personal growth? Or would you like to receive some more information about what I do? I would be happy to be a part of your journey.

Shamanic Intuitive Healing

Releases stagnant energy, and returns lost Soul fragments. The results are seen on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, making you feel lighter and stronger.

Home / Office Space Clearing

A space cleanse removes negative energies and entities, blockages, unwanted connections and invites positive emotions into your home or workspace.

Sea blessing

A Sea Blessing, or Melukat, is a ritual ceremony originated in Bali. It is done to remove negative energy and invite in clearing, healing and blessings in life.

Tarot / Psychic Reading

A reading gives you a higher perspective of current issues in your life. We also uncover how to attract flow, happiness, love and abundance in your future.

Energy Cleanse / Entity Removal

An energy clearing is done when you feel drained, heavy or stuck, or when you are a subject of malicious intentions, evil eye, envy, jealousy or other types of negative energies.

Guided Meditation

Meditations teach you how to connect with your intuition, help you receive insights about your wellbeing and make you feel loved & empowered.


what my clients Say

Kyra is an extraordinary soul whose kindness and empathy shine in every session. I've had three sessions with her, each providing deep insight and comfort. Her intuitive understanding of my situation has been incredibly supportive. Kyra's caring nature makes every meeting a comforting experience. Highly recommend her for anyone seeking heartfelt and insightful guidance

Abdulla A

Kyra is truly outstanding. She's the real deal. I left feeling lighter, and more connected. Her place has a beautiful energy, she's been trained by incredible guru's, and she has so much wisdom to share. I definitely think, her and I achieved something ground breaking in the session, and I've already recommended her to several people. Normally with 'healings', I don't feel much, but with Kyra, it was like WOW a truly out of this world shamanic experience.

Milan A

I know Kyra for many years and she is truly amazing. The best healing and spiritual coach you can wish for. I started my meditation journey with her, which is not easy at all - but with her patience and guidance I was able to develop. If you have the chance to meet her and work with her, I would highly encourage this and you can say you will be lucky! Enjoy your path and journey!

Elwin K

Kyra is amazing! She is very professional and talented. She made me feel so relaxed and her energy is very strong and comforting. I am so glad I did a session with her.

Aishwarya V

Kyra has helped me navigate some really tough times. Between her readings and her deep healing sessions I’ve been able to gain perspective and find peace. She’s a real one. I’m so happy to know her. I’ve gone on to benefit from her spiritual coaching courses also, so being able to find some of the power she is able to access, from within myself has been awesome. 💫 1

Fleur B


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