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Build Your Inner Strength

release and retrieve energies through shamanic healing

Find the Right Focus

discover the right steps for your personal journey

Clear Your Space

optimise the energy in your home or workplace

Kyra van den Berg

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“A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself.” ~ Unknown


Shamanic Intuitive Healing

A healing releases stagnant energy, and returns lost Soul fragments. The results are seen on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, making you feel lighter and stronger.


Tarot/Psychic Reading

Tarot/Psychic Reading

 A reading gives you a higher perspective of current issues in your life. We also uncover how to attract flow, happiness, love and abundance in your future.


Energy Cleanse/Entity Removal

An energy clearing is done when you feel drained, heavy or stuck, or when you are a subject of malicious intentions, evil eye, envy, jealousy or other types of negative energies.


Home/Office Space Clearing

Home/Office Space Clearing

A space cleanse removes negative energies and entities, blockages, unwanted connections and invites positive emotions into your home or workspace.

past life regression meditation

Sea Blessing

A Sea Blessing, or Melukat, is a ritual ceremony originated in Bali. It is done to remove negative energy and invite in clearing, healing and blessings in life.

Best Online Guided Meditations for Beginners

Guided Meditation

Meditations teach you how to connect with your intuition, help you receive insights about your wellbeing and make you feel loved & empowered.

Finding your way in life sometimes needs a little spiritual direction

A process like this? It should be exciting! And that is exactly what I stand for: growth, in a positive, exciting way. With a little bit of the Dutch candor we are known for. Would you like an honest chat about your next steps in personal growth? Or would you like to receive some more information about what I do? I would be happy to be a part of your journey. Please contact me by filling in the form below, or email me at info@kyravdberg.nl.

Get In Touch With Me!

I first met Kyra by chance, early 2016 and I have been seeing her ever since! While it is sometimes nerve wrecking for me to open up, I have always felt like she had a way to make you feel safe and comfortable throughout your session. My experiences have varied from one-to-one sessions, home cleanses and group meditations – all extremely enlightening and calming. She has truly opened up a whole new aspect and perspective on life for me.



Loving, talented and gifted…Kyra Van den Berg has given me several very accurate and meaningful readings. Her psychic readings have provided me with extremely valuable and helpful insights regarding my future choices and the very emotional contact she made with a dear and special friend I will never forget!


This was my first experience of past life regressions, I did not know what to expect but I learned to trust the process. Kyra guided the meditation and it was easy to follow. It was clear and fast, I was aware of myself and my surroundings all the time. The regression gave me an insight about a pattern that I was still experiencing in this life. I understood that it wasn’t only my childhood but something that I experienced before and I was still carrying with me. I felt really good after the session. I was aware of the problem and I could release the pain. I am glad that I had the session with Kyra and I highly recommend it to anyone.



I met Kyra because I needed help and somehow God led me to find her. I cannot say enough to praise her healing powers, her ability to bond and find out what you are really suffering with, her good heart and her non-judgemental way to approach. She told me things I did not even know or could imagine about my life. Thank you Kyra.



Kyra gave me several tarot readings. Every time was magical. She is brilliant in explaining the cards. She has a lot of knowledge of all the symbols on the cards. While reading the cards she also tunes in on you and with her psychic ability she is even more accurate. Kyra provided the Information clear and fast. She even predicted some things, which amazed me. A wonderful person, I would definitely recommend her.


The Netherlands

Kyra came to my home when I wasn’t sure what to do next. I wasn’t feel well; physically, energetically and emotionally.
Kyra did a space clearing and a healing, after which I could breathe better, but more importantly I felt less ‘down’ and had much more energy.
We both decided one more healing would be beneficial after which I felt even better. After this session I was able to continue my healing on my own. My energy levels have gone up, and are ‘flowing’ again, making me feel much more balanced.
Kyra is a beautiful human being and it feels great to receive her help.

The Netherlands